Capture Every Piece of Data With a 1000 HP Dyno

When you face a requirement from a consumer to put a 1500 HP vehicle to the test, will you have a chassis dynamometer strong enough to handle the job? Will you also be able to guarantee clients the ability to offer in-depth tuning as a result of your testing? At Mainline Dyno, we use more than 25 years of industry experience to develop and produce the most versatile dynos on the market. Our dedication to providing the most valuable insights for mechanics and their clients has led us to innovate in many areas, including data collection.

In high horsepower applications, many parts of the vehicle undergo varying levels of stress. All mainline Dyno equipment features a design that allows for an extreme amount of customisation regarding the data that you capture. Install additional sensors using the available bays and ports to monitor such conditions as oil pressure and temperature, engine control unit data, fuel flow rate information, and much more. All our platforms, from a 1000 HP dyno up to our highest performance equipment, support 400+ accessories with user-configurable data channels alongside world-class software for analysis.

When success depends on providing clients with the most reliable and repeatable readings from a 1000 HP dyno, choose the experience and dependability of a global leader in this space. Mainline Dyno welcomes your questions and invites you to explore not only our full product line but also our available range of optional accessories. Together, we can equip your operation with advanced technology for collecting essential performance data.

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