How Can You Test a Vehicle with More than 2000 HP Using a Dyno?

If your business is serious about offering dyno testing to your customers, then you’ll need to make sure you’ve invested in equipment that can handle the needs of their vehicles. Many dynamometers are limited to providing effective testing for vehicles that are under a certain horsepower. It might give your customers plenty of satisfaction to know that they’ve maxed out a dyno, but that won’t tell them what they need to know about their RPM or torque. Such dyno testing may not help them gain the information necessary to show them where their vehicle’s performance can be improved.

If your customers need more than a 2000 HP dyno, it’s time to contact professionals who understand these sophisticated systems extremely well. Purchase a ProHub dynamometer from Mainline Dyno, which will provide accurate and repeatable results even when a vehicle is at 2100 (or 2500!) horsepower. Our products are entirely Australian made and are designed to provide superior quality on every test. We also guarantee that the results your dyno produces will be more trustworthy when you buy from us—since our designs remove the ability of an operator to tamper with test results. As such, you will be able to market your business as a high-integrity solution for customers who want unambiguous results.

Our Prohub dynamometers can handle anywhere between 1000 and 5000 HP, so make sure that you have a viable solution for testing 2000 HP vehicles with a dyno that can handle those levels. Contact us now and learn more about our cutting-edge systems.

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