2WD Dyno Specifications

DYNO:   2WD600*   2WD1200
Maximum Rated Power @ 240kph:   850kW (1130hp)   1700kW (2279Hp)
Maximum Rated Torque:   1700Nm (1254Ftlb)   3400Nm (2507Ftlb)
Maximum Weight:   2.2 Tonne
Maximum Test Speed:   250Kph
Roller Diameter:   217mm
Knurled Drive Rollers:   Standard
Dynamic Roller/Retarder Balance:   Standard
Track Minimum:   600mm (400mm Option)
Track Maximum:   2200mm (2400mm Option)
Wide Track Roller Options:   400-2200mm/600–2400mm Optional
Speed Sensor:   Digital Pulse
Force Sensor:   Precision Bi-directional S Beam Load Cell
Vehicle Tie Down Points:   12
Electrical Requirement:   3 Phase, 32 AMP/Phase, 5 Pin Clipsal 56C532
Dynamometer Control Module:   2WD – RWD/FWD Control System
Printer:   Colour Inkjet
Monitor Display:   22” LCD Monitor - Twin 22” LCD’s Optional
Hand Control Unit:   Mini Wireless Trackball Keyboard
Computer Operating System:   Microsoft Windows 7 
Dynamometer Operating System:   Mainline/DynoLog 2WD Software Control System
Deluxe Workshop Cabinet with Wheels, Twin Boom Arms & Crash Bar, & Computer/Printer storage:   Standard

* The 2WD600 is available as a “Twin Retarder Ready” Dyno, initially with one retarder and with an empty retarder bay for later installation of the second retarder. When the second retarder is installed it becomes the 2WD1200.

The 2WD600, 2WD600TRR and 2WD1200 are our most popular models. We can also custom build larger and more powerful 2WD versions with a choice of roller and retarder sizes to suit most applications.

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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