Acquire a 4000 HP Dyno and Provide Superior Testing Capabilities

Your business prides itself on providing actionable information to your numerous customers, therefore it’s critical that you can trust your equipment. When one of your customers has a high HP vehicle and wants a dyno test, what do you do: tell them your dyno isn’t up to the task, or purchase a dyno that is? You’ll keep more of your customers (and attract more new ones) if you choose the latter, but that also means you’ll need to know where you can find a dyno that delivers. Fortunately, the ProHub dynamometer by Mainline Dyno can handle the needs of extreme performance vehicles.

A common question we receive at Mainline Dyno is how much horsepower our dynamometers can handle. We produce ProHub dynamometers that are designed to work with vehicles between 1000 and 5000 HP. Below is how these machines provide highly pinpointed and easily repeatable results for extreme performance vehicles:

ProHub dynamometers take out common variables that can introduce ambiguity to roller dyno tests, such as interference caused by wheels or tyres.
A ProHub dyno avoids these issues by affixing PAMs (Power Absorption Modules) to the axles of the vehicles being tested.
These unique innovations allow our dynos to be more reliable than others—even if you’re testing 4000 HP on your dyno, you’ll find accurate results.

The kind of performance testing that your customers demand is above and beyond the abilities of many dynamometers, but you can make sure that your equipment is ready to provide exactly what they need. Contact the professionals at Mainline Dyno today and let one of our well-informed customer service representatives tell you everything you need to know. Next time your customers need to test a vehicle with 4000 HP, your dyno will be prepared.

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