Cater to Your Most Extreme Customers with a 5000 HP Dyno

If you want to stand out as an automotive professional who can provide elegant solutions to any customer, you’ll want to make sure you can provide them with accurate performance testing no matter what kind of vehicle they have. Have you considered the capabilities of your dynamometer lately? Customers with extreme performance vehicles may need more than your current dyno can offer, but there is a solution. Contact Mainline Dyno and ask about our ProHub dynamometers, which are designed to function for vehicles between 1000 and 5000 horsepower.

How can a 5000 HP dyno offer accurate and consistent results? That’s one of the questions we receive most often, and the answer is relatively straightforward. Our ProHub dynamometers attach themselves directly to the axle of the vehicle, which makes it impossible for conditions such as wheel spin or interference from tyres to affect the accuracy of the results. As such, our 5000 HP dyno can measure torque and RPM with pinpoint accuracy, and makes them extremely valuable for measuring the performance of drag cars with zero camber, which is their primary purpose. However, they can also be used to acquire data for vehicles with as much as 10 +/- 10 °camber or 10 ° toe in/out.

If you’re in the market for a 5000 HP dyno, you can find the ideal solution with us. Contact Mainline Dyno immediately and speak with one of our qualified representatives about everything our products can help you achieve so that you can provide your customers with the testing they deserve.

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