What Should You Look for in a Car Dynamometer?

No matter what the manufacturer says about a vehicle's horsepower, drivers and mechanics alike know that there will always be a gulf between engine performance and the horsepower available on the road. Understanding how to tune and tweak performance to extend a vehicle's range and lower fuel costs requires the right tools. So, what factors should you consider when choosing a car dynamometer? There are several:

Available data channels: how much information can you capture in one test?
Accuracy: can you depend on the results?
Power ratings: can the equipment handle even the most powerful vehicles in the shop?
Available accessories: how can you extend the functionality of a car dynamometer to gain greater insights into performance?

Of these, accuracy is of the utmost importance in a car dynamometer. Repeatable, tamper-proof results allow you to demonstrate consistency to even the most demanding clients. An accurate dyno offers a reliable way to set up a laboratory-like test to determine how a vehicle performs in a wide range of road conditions and environmental settings in a quest to improve performance.

At Mainline Dyno, we continue to work hard to refine and develop our automotive testing products to keep them on the cutting-edge. With the ability to interface with hundreds of external devices, you can capture more than just the data about the horsepower available at the axle, enabling excellent opportunities for fine-tuning. Contact a Mainline Dyno representative today to discover more about what we can offer your shop.

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