How We Stand Apart from Other Chassis Dynamometer Manufacturers

If you offer mobile dyno testing to your customers, you need to have the correct equipment. Vehicle owners who invest in dyno testing care about performance, so they are detail-oriented by nature. Choosing chassis dynamometer manufacturers whose products will provide pinpoint accuracy is the best way to ensure that your testing will always be satisfactory to your clients. At Mainline Dyno, we offer some of the most cutting-edge chassis dynamometers available anywhere in Australia.

One of the questions we find our customers asking time and again is whether our dynamometers are portable or not. The answer depends on what kind of dynamometer you are trying to purchase. Mainline Dyno produces numerous dynamometer options, some of which are fully mobile and easy to move. Others require more permanent installation. However, our 2WD dynamometer options can be sold with a mobility kit that allows shop owners to relocate the machinery as simply as possible.

Mainline Dyno provides unique value to all customers by producing machines that cannot be compromised. Some dynamometers can be adjusted by the operator to skew the results, confusing their customers and damaging their credibility if this is discovered. Keep the integrity of your business unassailable when you invest in a product from Mainline Dyno and make sure your customers know that the results you give them are always ironclad. For more information, call now and speak with a member of our team who will be able to provide you with more information.

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