Can a Diesel Dyno Work for Your Business?

At Mainline Dyno, we receive a lot of questions about our business and the products we make. It’s understandable—after all, we’re one of the highest quality dyno manufacturers in Australia. We owe a lot of our success to the consistency of quality we employ in our manufacturing process, and in the parts we source. However, there’s another area where our capabilities truly shine, and that’s in the range of products that we can provide to our clients.

Many prospective clients approach us with curiosity about what kind of dynamometers we make. The answer is that we produce a wide range of dynamometers suitable for various uses. In addition to our 2WD and 4WD/AWD dynos, we offer dynos for motorcycles, heavy vehicles, and extreme performance vehicles. We also have diesel dyno options, which are used by many of our clients who test large equipment in the construction and industrial sectors.

Our dynos offer several advantages over other models. These include:

  • High quality, owing to our policy of producing all our dynamometers in Australia.
  • Detailed customer support, so that we can provide robust after-sales services to our clients.
  • Products that are basically immune to outside influence while testing—our systems are designed so that operators cannot alter results.
  • More data acquisition capabilities than any other known brand.

Whether you are looking for a diesel dyno or one suitable for any other kind of vehicle, you can find a solution with us. Contact Mainline Dyno at your earliest convenience and let one of our representatives give you the help you need.

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