Finding a Dynamometer Supplier with a Commitment to Quality

Access to the right tools for a given job is the first step on the road to success. This is especially true in the automotive industry, and more so in sectors where performance and fuel economy are of the utmost importance. From clients who own motorcycles to heavy-duty trucks, many potential customers are waiting for access to performance testing they can trust and use for making decisions. Choosing a dynamometer supplier to equip your shop with the right technology for your client base can seem tricky, but Mainline Dyno can connect you with the ideal products for a wide variety of scenarios.

We produce a variety of traditional roller-based dynos, including those for motorcycles, AWD/4WD vehicles, and even 2WD vehicles. For the most demanding applications, our ProHub axle shaft dyno offers the ability to test vehicles producing more than 1000HP, all the way up to 5000HP — a feature you will not find elsewhere on the market. The depth of our product catalogue enables us to work effectively as a dynamometer supplier for our clients.

The desire to maximise engine performance, boosting fuel economy in the process, grows stronger every day. The right equipment allows you to cater to everyone from long-haul road truckers to the average consumer who might visit your shop. Choosing a dynamometer supplier that can equip you with the leading Australian-made technology for the most thorough vehicle testing on the market is an essential step to improving your service offerings. The Mainline Dyno team is ready to help you connect with the right equipment and accessories from our product catalogue. Contact us now to find out more.

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