Can You Measure Horsepower with a Dynamometer?

Dynamometers provide incredibly useful information to your customers about the performance they can expect from their vehicles. However, not everyone understands the precise nature of a dyno or its limitations. One of the most common questions we receive at Mainline Dyno has to do with the types of measurements dynamometers can perform. Specifically, many of our potential customers are curious to know whether they can measure horsepower with a dynamometer.

The answer is somewhat more complicated than many would assume. While a dynamometer does not measure horsepower directly, it is an essential part of figuring out what the horsepower for a given vehicle is. A dyno measures the torque and the speed of a vehicle, both of which are essential to calculate its horsepower. The standard equation used to calculate horsepower from these variables is as follows:

TORQUE multiplied by RPM and divided by 5252 equals HORSEPOWER.

Measuring the torque and RPM of a vehicle accurately is therefore essential to finding its horsepower. Our dynamometers can provide ideal support since they are designed to take these measurements reliably and repeatedly. They are also foolproof, as they have been designed to prevent any tampering with their results.

The measurements you provide to your customers should give them useful and accurate information. Ensure that you will be able to provide these details and maintain the integrity of your organisation with tools from Mainline Dyno. Call today and speak with someone on our team who can give you more information.

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