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Friday, 21 Nov 2014


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We are pleased to announce the release of our new Pro Hub 2000 Chassis Dynamometer. This new model is the ultimate “in chassis” tuning solution for ultra-performance street and strip vehicle applications.

Designed for extreme street car performance, and drag racing vehicle applications, the Pro Hub 2000 bridges the gap between an engine dynamometer and a traditional roller based chassis dynamometer. 

 Tuning and testing vehicles with more than 1000 + wheel horsepower on a traditional roller based chassis dyno can be quite challenging, as this type of chassis dynamometer relies on the tyre to roller interface (traction) which can be very difficult to maintain at higher performance levels. Roller type chassis dynamometers may also be road speed limited preventing full speed runs to be conducted.

The Pro Hub 2000 connects to the vehicle's axle hubs, via high torque capacity, “Power Absorption Modules” (PAMs) removing wheel and tyre related variables from the testing and tuning equation, for absolute accuracy, and the ultimate in test data repeatability.
Pro Hub chassis dyno systems provide an effective “in chassis” tuning solution, without the need to remove the engine, or to hire a drag strip facility.

The PH2000 has a torque rating of 4800ftlbs (6500 Nm) of axle torque for serious powered street vehicles. This new model also provides the ability to test and tune at equivalent road speeds up to 310 mph (500 kmph), subject to driveline gearing characteristics.
Although primarily designed for drag cars with zero camber, the Pro Hub systems will accommodate up to 10 +/- 10 °camber and also 10 ° toe in /out.

Applications for these new model dynamometers include high performance street car tuning, pre-race testing, driveline torque testing, clutch evaluation, stall convertor mapping, multiple stage nitrous injection testing, and performance product research and development.

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