Water Brake Engine Dyno

Our superior engine dynamometer control, data acquisition and analysis systems, cater for a host of engine types and performance measurement applications, including OEM, performance tuning and product research and development usage.

The dynamometer control system is extremely versatile, and can be used for control of either water brake or eddy current, power absorption units.
From basic setups, to complete turnkey systems, we can offer your business the total solution for your engine performance measurement requirements.

Engine Applications

  • Currently 1 to 16 cylinder Si & Ci engines
  • 50cc to 70 litre + engine capacity
  • Currently up to 3500 Hp (2600kW) power capacity
  • Currently up to 11000 Ftlbs (14900Nm) torque capacity
  • Currently up to 20000 Engine RPM capacity


Modes of Operation

  • Precise Steady-State control stability
  • Ramp / Step / Endurance modes
  • Auto and Manual Servo Throttle control modes
  • Constant Speed, Torque, Power, Throttle and MAP / Boost control modes


Features & Benefits

  • Full size operator console with built in LCD monitors
  • Engine docking cart system
  • Dry-break fluid couplings from Dyno Stand to Engine Cart
  • Integral engine starter system
  • User friendly, Multitasking Windows 7 based dyno operating software program
  • Software controlled servo throttle
  • Digital temperature control for Engine Coolant, Oil, Inlet Air and Fuel
  • Advanced analytical & dedicated tuning tools / test functions
  • Virtually unlimited data logging channels available
  • Advanced user definable “MATHS” / calculation channels
  • Multiple numerical & graphical displays
  • 200+ external serial data devices supported
  • Background data logging and export facilities
  • Advanced exhaust emission testing and analysis
  • Automatic weather station and environmental power correction
  • Expandable data acquisition inputs
  • Cell extraction fan control
  • Console room lighting control
  • ECU Data Logging (100+ ECU devices supported)
  • Numerous options & accessories available
  • Endurance module allows programmable control of dyno speed & throttle position to simulate drive cycles (Great for track simulations and engine run-ins)


Typical Data Inputs / Measurements

  • Power, Torque, Engine Speed / RPM
  • Ambient Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Relative Humidity
  • Air inlet Temperature
  • Water Temperature In & Out
  • Oil Temperature In & Out
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure & Low Fuel Level Warning
  • Fuel Ethanol content
  • Manifold & Crankcase pressure
  • Lambda and Air:Fuel Ratio (Up to 10 Sensors)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperatures (Up to 16+ Channels Available)
  • Turbo Charger or Supercharger Rpm
  • Differential Fuel Flow measurement system (Fuel Flow to Engine, Fuel Flow Return to tank, Fuel Used (Mass or Volume units). Calculated Fuel Used, BSFC, Volumetric Efficiency etc.


Engine Dyno Conversions

We also offer conversion services to many other brands of engine dynamometers. You can convert your existing engine dyno to take advantage of the vast capabilities that our system has to offer, without having to replace your existing unit.

Some brands we have already converted include Dynamic Test Systems, Superflow, GoPower, Froude, HPA, and Power Test Inc. engine dynamometer systems.


Engine Dyno Clients

Our clients are leaders in their respective field of expertise and have included some of the folllowing users:

EFI University(USA)
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Holden Race Team (HRT)
Holden Special Vehicles (HSV)
MoTec Australia
Possum Bourne Motorsport ( New Zealand)
John Sidney Racing
Maitland Diesel Service
Russel Jones Engines
Ford Performance Racing
Sam's Performance Centre
Advanced Vehicle Technologies
Westend Performance
Power Torque Engines
Nizpro Turbocharging
Walkinshaw Racing ( 2 Units)
Pav-Tek Engines
Regents Park TAFE ( 2 Units)
PWR Performance
J B Automotive
Computer Engine Design

Engine Dyno Videos