Improving Your Ability to Measure Performance with a Versatile Dynamometer

Diagnosing difficult problems with a vehicle's performance often requires more than a visual inspection of the engine; it may require a more in-depth analysis of the vehicle's performance with a dynamometer. If you wish to offer such a service to the clients who visit your shop for automotive work, choosing the right product is essential. At Mainline Dyno, we've spent more than two and a half decades designing and refining dynamometer technology that now leads the industry.

For a typical mechanic, a 2WD or 4WD roller dyno is often the ideal choice, primarily depending on the amount of space available in the shop. While 4WD-ready equipment requires a more dedicated area for testing, we do supply a 2WD performance dynamometer with options available for mobile testing — a valuable feature you may wish to advertise to your clientele. Designed to support axle loads up to 1200 horsepower, this gives you the power and range necessary to accurately test and assess most of the vehicles that roll into your shop.

Now you can choose to equip yourself with a high-performance dynamometer and offer the clients most concerned with power output valuable insights into their vehicle. From narrowing down the cause of sudden surging to offering a window into the world of dyno tuning, our products enable you to achieve more with the advantages of reliable and accessible data. A Mainline Dyno associate can help you explore our full range to determine which product will fit best in your location and offer the most versatile performance.

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