MCD400P Motorcycle

MCD400P Premium Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer
MCD400P Premium Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer


If you are seeking the most advanced and innovative motorcycle dyno system, then look no further. The Mainline/ DynoLog MCD400P Premium model Motorcycle Dyno will take you to the forefront of motorcycle performance measurement technology, and beyond.

The MCD400 model is fully engineered and manufactured in Australia, and features a host of data acquisition inputs and other accessories, specifically designed for advanced testing, data analysis, and tuning of all types of motorcycles.

Motorcycle Applications

  • Road Bikes / Competition Bikes
  • Off Road / Trail Bikes
  • Custom Bikes & Choppers 

Features & Benefits

  • Low inertia, Single roller design
  • High traction roller knurl (also suitable for off road knobby type tyres)
  • Automatic & Manual Electronic / Motorised wheelbase adjustment
  • Steady State & Dynamic Ramp Test modes
  • Full size rolling workstation cabinet assembly with boom arm
  • User friendly, Windows 7 based Dyno operating software program
  • Multiple Viewing Monitors
  • Remote mounted wireless Dyno controller & LCD monitor screen (Mounted in front of rider)
  • Advanced analytical & dedicated tuning tools / test functions
  • Multiple numerical & graphical displays
  • Virtually unlimited data logging channels available
  • Advanced user definable MATHS channels
  • Numerous options & accessories available 

Performance Measurement Specifications

  • 700Kw (940Hp) Power Rating
  • 1700Nm (1254ftlbs) Roller Torque Rating
  • 400km/h Maximum Test Speed 

Standard Inclusions

  • Rear approach Motorcycle Ramp (above ground operation)
  • Front Wheel Clamp Assembly & Motorcycle Restraint Kit
  • Motorised platform / wheelbase adjustment
  • Full size rolling workstation cabinet assembly
  • Advanced Dyno Control & Data Acquisition System
  • Computer Control System - (PC, Colour Printer, Multiple Monitors, Windows 7 OS & Dyno Software Program)
  • Engine Cooling Fan & Cooling Fan Lift Frame
  • Automatic or remote motorcycle cooling fan control
  • Automatic Weather Station (Ambient Temp, Baro Pressure, RH %, Air Density, Power Correction)
  • Engine Tacho - Secondary Ignition Inductive Probe
  • Engine Tacho - Primary Ignition / Crank Reference Clip Probe (3 - 500V Digital Pulse)
  • Engine / Wheel Speed Tacho - Engine Speed derived from motorcycle wheel speed.
  • Tacho Trim Module - (Control via logged engine RPM increments- ideal for steady state tuning)
  • 2 x MAP / Boost Sensors
  • Twin Channel “Wide Band” AFR Meter (Including Motorcycle Exhaust Probes)
  • Twin Exhaust Gas Temperature Thermocouple inputs and EGT Thermocouples
  • Engine Inlet Air Temperature Probe
  • Mainline DynoLog Dynamometer Premium Pro Software Suite

*Further options available.
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