The VACUTEC® Smoke Machine

The VACUTEC® Smoke Machine

See the Smoke or the Fluorescent Dye and you've found the leak.

Using patented technology, the VACUTEC® Smoke Machine is the most comprehensive, yet simple to operate leak tester available today.

The VACUTEC® smoke machine utilises a patented Diagnostic Smoke™ producing solution containing a special ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye (UltraTraceUV®) that gets deposited at the exact location of a leak.  The solution is both non-toxic and non-corrosive.

To quickly identify a leak's location; you simply introduce this vapour into a system to be leak-tested and look for the exiting vapour (smoke).  Once you see the smoke or the fluorescent dye, you have found the leak!

For years, ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye has been the 'standard' for reliable leak detection in systems that contain a liquid carrier; such as systems with Freon or hydraulic fluids. However, up until now, these fluorescent dies could not be used in systems without a liquid (dry systems) because the liquid was required to be the 'carrier' for the fluorescent dye.

This revolutionary patented Diagnostic Smoke™ solution and method of vaporisation eliminates liquid carriers from the process. UltraTraceUV® solution, when vaporised, will take the fluorescent dye air-borne.  This technology actually suspends the fluorescent dye in the vapour and carries it directly to leaks wherever they may be.  At the point of a leak, the vapour escapes and the dye gets deposited at the exact location of the leak.  Now any 'dry system' can be leak tested. This method will allow you to use ultraviolet-based leak detection in systems never before possible. Most industries can benefit from this technology.  This technology has been APPROVED for the Automotive Industry; Aviation; Marine and Industrial applications.

The Diagnostic Smoke™ vapour can be generated using compressed air or any non-combustible gas such as nitrogen, for testing potentially volatile systems such as a vehicle’s fuel vapour recovery (EVAP) system.  The Diagnostic Smoke™ vapour can be used with the special fluorescent dye additive or without.

Other leak detection applications include virtually any system that does not contain a liquid. In an automotive system this may include the vacuum and exhaust systems of a vehicle; brake boosters, cooling systems, turbochargers, intercoolers, diaphragms and gaskets. With a special adapter, the Diagnostic Smoke™ vapour can be used to determine wind and water leaks entering the vehicle’s passenger or luggage compartments.

With the Vacutec®, you can visually detect:

- Vacuum Leaks: Hoses, lines, valves, diaphragms, choke pulloffs, heater controls, EGR hoses and controls.
- Exhaust Leaks: Manifold cracks, EGR valve feed tubes and passages, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, mufflers, heat control valves and crossover passages.
- Oil Leaks: Pan gasket, valve and cam cover gaskets, hoses and seals, cam and crank shaft seals, oil cooler and lines.
- Under Dash Leaks: HVAC hoses and tubes, control solenoids and diaphragms.
- Brake Booster System Leaks: Hoses, check valves, diaphragm and chamber seals.
- Head Gasket Leaks: To adjacent cylinder, to cooling system, to atmosphere etc.
- Wind & Water Leaks: Around windshield, windows, doors and sunroof seals.
- Component Testing: Bench test water pumps and other components before installation.  Test again after installation but before coolant and oil is added to engine.
- Air Injection System Leaks: Control valves, diaphragms, solenoids, tubing, pump, vacuum controls and back pressure check valves.
- EVAP Leaks: Technology specifically designed and OEM approved for vehicles' EVAP systems (requires use of nitrogen).

Easy to Use:

1. Connect the Vacutec to 12v power.
2. Connect either nitrogen (when testing EVAP) or shop air (for non-EVAP testing).
3. Use the accessories supplied to access the vehicle's EVAP system.
4. Connect the Vacutec's smoke supply line to the system being tested.
5. Turn tester ON and in less than two minutes verify if a leak is present.
6. Look for the smoke exiting the leaks or the ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye deposited at the exact location of a leak.

Finds exhaust system leaks   Finds intake system leaks   Finds evaporative system leaks


  • All tests performed with the engine off
  • Saves hours of diagnostic time
  • A must for emissions related repairs
  • Finds vacuum, exhaust and evaporative system leaks in minutes
  • 100% effective
  • 240 volt operation
  • Portable and affordable


  • Height: 43.2cm
  • Width: 20.3cm
  • Length: 38.1cm
  • Net weight: 10.4kg
  • Shipping weight: 11.8kg
  • Power supply: 12 volts DC
  • Power Consumption: 13 amps
  • Supply pressure: 13.0 in. H²O)
  • Supply Volume: 10 litres per minute
  • Operating temperature range: 7.2°C to 60°C
  • Smoke supply line: 3.0m
  • Power supply line: 3.0m
  • Remote starter cable: 3.0m

Included Accessories:

  • Exhaust Cone Adaptors (2)
  • Assorted Cap-plug Set
  • 400,000 CP Halogen Spot Lamp
  • Smoke Diffuser
  • UltraTraceUV Smoke Vapour Solution (Unit arrives full, plus one extra 473ml bottle is included)

Note: One 473ml bottle of smoke producing solution is good for approximately 500 tests.

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