ProHub Extreme Performance 6000Hp Chassis Dynamometer

The ProHub Extreme 6000 Chassis Dynamometer is performance rated at 6000Hp (4475 KW) at 2000 axle rpm, and 13280 Ft lbs (18000Nm) axle torque. The ProHub Extreme 6000 Chassis Dynamometer is speed rated up to 3600 axle rpm, or equivalent road speeds of up to 310 mph (500 kmph) subject to vehicle gearing. 

Extreme 6000P

The Power Absorption Modules (PAMS) on are mounted on floor plates which are attached to the workshop floor. The floor plates incorporate an enclosed track system, and anti- torque reaction and module stabilisation devices.

ProHub Wheelstand 

The ProHub Extreme 6000 Chassis Dynamometer connects to the vehicle's axle hubs, via billet steel adaptors, effectively removing wheel and tyre related variables from the testing and tuning equation, for absolute accuracy, and the ultimate in test data repeatability.    


The Power Absorption Modules” (PAMS) are a noncoaxial " type design. The modules sit flat on the floor, and you do not have to adjust the angle of the modules to match the camber of the vehicle. This means a much quicker setup when compared to most of our competitors who utilize a coaxial-type design.

Our early ProHub Dynamometers product research identified in some scenarios, if the vehicle’s axle and the retarder/ absorber centre line are aligned (coaxial) there can be vehicle harmonics/vibrations that occur.

We use a twin CV joint system contained within the extension tubes of our modules,  and we offset the retarder position inside the modules slightly to ensure the connection to the vehicle can never be coaxial.

Hub Caster

This dynamometer will accommodate up to +/- 10 °camber and 10 ° toe in /out, to accommodate live axle and IRS systems. 

hub adapter sample

 Hub Adapter Sample 


Applications for this model dynamometer include performance tuning, ignition timing perfection, pre-race testing, 2-step launch simulation, driveline torque testing, clutch evaluation, stall convertor mapping, multiple-stage nitrous injection testing, and performance product research and development.

The ProHub Chassis Dynamometer can also be set up as a very cost-effective engine testing solution, in comparison to setting up a complete engine dynamometer facility.  



Key Features

  • High-quality, heavy-duty, and visually aesthetic power absorption modules (PAMS)
  • Heavy duty floor plates incorporating internal track system.
  • Anti-torque reaction and stabilisation devices. (Increased operational stability & safety)
  • Quality high capacity Frenelsa retarders (Power absorption units)
  • Precision Load cells (Individual Torque Left & Right / Torque Split)
  • Digital Speed Sensors (Left & Right Axle Speed / RPM)
  • Wide vehicle track - Allows testing high-performance off-road buggies
  • Up to 3600 Axle Rpm / 500 kph / 310 mph test speeds
  • Up to 6000+ Horsepower & 13280 Ft lbs (18000Nm) torque capacity
  • Rolling workstation control & storage cabinet with boom arm/s
  • Automatic vehicle cooling fan control (User definable On / Off control) *
  • Automatic AFR / Lambda meter heater control (User definable On / Off control) *
  • Automatic weather station included standard (Live & continuous vehicle power correction)
  • Industry-leading dyno controller (Precise, accurate, safe, super responsive & repeatable)
  • 2 Step Trigger Input ( Launch dyno run from 2 step switch)
  • Wireless keyboard dyno controller (All dyno control/operation from within the vehicle)
  • Computer control system, and Windows 10 ™ OS standard
  • Mainline DynoLog Premium Dyno software suite for Windows 10™
  • Steady-state and dynamic power acceleration/ramp / pull / tests
  • Dynamic graph plot to screen / “Live as you drive” (graph up to 3 channels simultaneously)
  • Graph over graph comparison tests (Power / Torque graph over axle speed or engine RPM)
  • Dedicated detailed graph data analysis screen (Compare up to 12 graphs simultaneously) *
  • Multiple Digital data displays (Operator definable)
  • Multiple Channel alarms (Operator definable warnings for dyno data channel)
  • Wideband AFR meter (Definable – Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG, Methanol, Ethanol, E10 & E85)
  • AFR, Lambda or Air-Fuel Equivalence Ratio selections
  • Multiple AFR / Lambda meters support (Up to 8 meters connected simultaneously)
  • Multiple copy channels (Display AFR and Lambda values simultaneously)
  • Target Air: Fuel Ratio, & on-screen graphical and advanced correction calculator*
  • Twin MAP/ Boost sensors (Pressure Drop Testing & Analysis) *
  • Target Boost & graphical and advanced correction calculator
  • 200 MATHS channels (Fully user configurable- Add your calculation channels) *
  • Dedicated Torque optimisation functions – (Torque over ignition timing, AFR, Camshaft timing, Injector timing, throttle %, or user-definable data parameters) *
  • Test Data Management System (Log, display, graph, save, recall, edit, reprint saved test results)
  • Customised reports - insert business logo, or other images on print reports and much more!
  • Fully expandable – Hundreds of options, and more than 400 supported external devices
  • Trusted “Smart Dyno Technology “


FEATURE PROHUB EXTREME 6000P Premium Chassis Dynamometer
Eddy Current Retarders 4
Axle Torque Capacity Newton Metres/ Foot-Pounds 18000Nm Nm / 13280 Ft lbs
Power Capacity Kilowatts / Horsepower 4475 Kw / 6000 Hp
Maximum Axle Speed  3600 rpm
Maximum Axle Weight Capacity Kilograms / Pounds 2500 Kg / 5511 Lbs
Minimum Vehicle Wheel Track 500mm / 19.7 Inches
Maximum Vehicle Wheel Track 2900mm / 114 Inches
Recommended Floorspace Length Subject to Vehicle
Recommended Floorspace Width (Minimum) 7000 mm / 275.5 Inches
Deluxe Cabinet with Twin Boom Arms Standard
Automatic Vehicle Cooling Fan Control Standard
Automatic AFR / Lambda Meter Heater Switch Control Standard
24" Twin Monitors (Extended Desktop Mode) Standard
Desktop PC, Win 10 OS (Solid State HDD) Standard
Wireless Trackball Remote Keyboard Controller Standard
Vehicle Cooling Fan (Various Models) Optional
Variable Speed Control (VSD) (Controls Cooling or Dyno Cell Fans) Optional
Dynamometer PID Controller / DAQ Module 54 Chan PID / Data Acquisition Module
Automatic Weather Station Standard
Wide Band Air: Fuel Ratio/ Lambda Meter Standard
Multiple Wide Band Air: Fuel Ratio/ Lambda Meters < 8 Meters Optional
2 x MAP / Boost Module (7 BAR Pressure Sensors) Standard
Multiple MAP / Boost Module (7 BAR Pressure Sensors) Optional
Injector / Component Duty Cycle Module Optional
Twin Injector / Component Duty Cycle Module Optional
150 PSI Fuel / Oil Pressure Sensor Optional
2 Step Trigger Analogue Input (0 to 30VDC) (Launch Dyno Run From 2 Step Switch) Standard
Dual Channel Fuel Flow / Fuel Pressure/ Fuel Temperature/ Ethanol Content Module Optional
2 Channel Thermocouple Interface Module Optional
8 Channel CAN Thermocouple Interface Optional
USB OBD-II Data Logging Kit Optional
RS232 - Interfaced Optical Tachometer (Tail shaft RPM, Blower Pulley RPM etc) Optional
Oil Temperature Dipstick Thermocouple    Optional
Engine Air Inlet Temperature Thermocouple     Optional
4 x (0-30 Volt) User Definable Analogue Inputs Optional
Dynamometer Software Package Premium Pro
Dynamometer Free Software Updates Lifetime
MATHS Channels (User Definable Calculation Channels) 200
ECU Data Logging Module - All Supported Brands Optional
ECU Data Logging Module - Single ECU Brand Optional
Horsepower Challenge Module Optional
Tech Support - Phone; Email; Internet *Lifetime
Manufacturer Warranty Period (Components) 24 Months
Warranty Exclusions Consumables (AFR Sensor,)
AFR Meter Extended Exhaust Probe 1
AFR Meter Restraint Strap 2
Vehicle Earth Strap 1
MDD Internal Workshop Banner Standard
MDD Internal Workshop Sign Standard
MDD External Workshop Sign Standard
ProHub Internal Sign Standard
MDD ProHub Promo Pack Standard
Voltage 3PH 208 - 415V / 1 PH 220V
Phase 3 / 1
Amperage 50 to 100 AMPS
Frequency 50/60 Hz
International Voltages ( USA - JAPAN) Available

 *Original purchaser only