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Rob Herrod


ROB’S Herrod Motorsport outfit has been developing performance products and upgrade packs for modern performance vehicles for years, and his Adr-compliant Mustang packages are receiving rave reviews and selling like hotcakes. After becoming frustrated with the lack of repeatability his previous roller dyno offered during R&D and tuning work, Rob traded it in for a Mainline Prohub dyno.

“It’s the best thing ever, and one of the main things is its repeatability. Going back a couple of years we did a comparo with

Wheels magazine between an HSV GTS and an FPV GT-F on our old roller dyno. We always found that different tyres resulted in different power levels and it was doing my head in.

“Our Mainline roller dyno was great; the software was second to none, but no matter what you’d always have issues with the variables of strapping and tyres. I knew I needed a hub dyno so I sold the roller dyno and bought one, and I’ve never looked back.

“We’ve built around 70 of our Mustangs now, and when Dave Morley did a story about them for MOTOR, they asked us to send them a dyno graph. When the cars arrive, we pump out the fuel and fill them with BP Ultimate, we do the modifications and then the tune, so you’d expect the cars to be relatively consistent.

“We went back through and looked at eight different automatic Mustangs that we dynotested over the course of a couple of months, and they were all between 438 and 439kw. You’d just never get that sort of repeatability on a rolling road. The Mainline hub dyno takes all the variables and guesswork out of it; it’s just like an engine dyno. It is, I believe, the best dyno in the world today. I couldn’t do what I’m doing now with a roller dyno, and to be able to get the repeatability I now have has taken a real weight off my shoulders.”