Welcome to the world of the new-generation, truly professional chassis dyno. A Mainline “Premium” model dynamometer is the perfect choice for the astute, professional operator who wants the most technically advanced, and innovative, chassis dynamometer available on the market, to ensure their business, technical expertise, and reputation, progresses to a whole new level.

The Mainline AWD1200P Premium “All Wheel Drive” Dynamometer, features innovative vehicle testing concepts, advanced on-screen graphics, and performance-plus characteristics.

Our “Premium” range models are state of the art, and represent the absolute best in dynamometer build quality, precision load control, advanced data acquisition, innovative software functionality and exceptional testing and tuning capabilities.   

Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, the AWD1200P Premium chassis dyno will enable you to increase your workshop’s production, attract more customers, generate additional income for your workshop, and substantially add to your bottom-line profits!  The AWD1200P chassis dynamometer is a quality designed AWD Chassis Dynamometer that includes all the essential analytic and tuning tools required for vehicle fault diagnosis, general engine tuning, and performance enhancement applications. 



Standard Key Features

  • Low profile high quality, reinforced AWD chassis bed and finger frame assemblies.
  • Above ground or in ground pit installation application
  • Heavy Gauge Chassis Bed Cover Plates
  • High adjustable chassis beds and finger frame assembly.
  • External outrigger chassis bed feet (Increased Stability)
  • Wide Track Roller Sets – (400mm to 2200mm Roller Track)
  • Traction Enhancing Roller Spacing (Increased Tyre to Roller Traction)
  • 2300mm to 3350mm Vehicle Wheelbase Range (AWD and 4WD Recreation Vehicles)
  • Automatic Closed Loop Vehicle Wheelbase Control (Vehicle Software Database)
  • 2 x Load Cell and Retarder Cooling Fans (Automatic or Remote Wireless Controlled)
  • 2 x Quality high capacity Frenelsa power absorbers (Retarders)
  • Up to 250 kph test speeds / 2400 Horsepower (Combined AWD power rating)
  • Vehicle traction control & restraint Kit
  • 26 vehicle anchor points (including Euro / Jap AWD/FWD Anchor points on finger frame)
  • Premium Workstation / Storage Cabinet with twin boom arms
  • Automatic weather station included standard (Live & continuous vehicle power correction)
  • Automatic Vehicle Cooling Fan Control (Automatic or Remote Wireless On/Off Control)
  • Automatic Dyno Cooling Fan Control (Automatic Remote Wireless On/Off Control)
  • Automatic AFR/ Lambda Meter Heater Control (Automatic or Remote Wireless On/Off Control)
  • Industry leading AWD dyno controller (Precise, accurate, super responsive, repeatable & safe control)
  • 100% Linear Dynamometer Control Characteristics – Repeatable engine and driveline thermodynamics
  • Wireless keyboard dyno controller Computer control system, Twin 24” LCD colour monitors, & Windows 10 ™ OS
  • Mainline DynoLog Premium Pro Dyno software suite for Windows ™
  • Steady state and dynamic power acceleration / ramp tests
  • Dynamic graphs live to screen (graph up to 3 channels simultaneously)
  • Multiple Graph over graph comparison tests (Power / Torque graph over road speed or engine RPM)
  • Live AWD Power and AWD Torque Split measurement, and data logging
  • Dedicated detailed graph data analysis screen
  • Multiple Digital data displays (Up to 97 digital displays)
  • Multiple Channel alarms (Operator definable warnings for each dyno data channel)
  • Wide band AFR meter ((Definable – Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG, Methanol, Ethanol, E10 & E85)
  • Air: Fuel Ratio, Fuel: Air Ratio, Lambda, or Lambda Equivalence Ratio selections
  • Multiple copy channels (Display AFR and Lambda values simultaneously)
  • Target Air: Fuel ratio & correction graph and advanced fuel mixture table calculators
  • Twin Boost Sensors (Pressure Drop Testing & Analysis)
  • Target Boost & correction graph and advanced fuel mixture table calculators
  • 200 MATHS Channels (User definable calculation channels – Create customised data channels)
  • Test Data Management System (Log, display, graph, save, recall, edit, reprint saved test results)
  • Multiple Customised reports - insert business logo, or other images on print reports and much, more!
  • Multiple User Configurations (Multiple customised desktop icons for different users /operators)
  • Fully expandable – Hundreds of available options, and more than 400 + supported external devices

AWD1200P 2

Vehicle Applications

  • All Wheel Drive
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Light Commercial
  • EV's
  • Hybrids
  • Motorcycles

Workshop Applications

  • General tuning, maintenance & servicing
  • Vehicle performance assessments
  • Vehicle performance enhancement
  • Alternative fuelled vehicles
  • Live aftermarket ECU tuning
  • ECU flash tuning
  • Vehicle driveline fault analysis
  • Torque transmission & analysis
  • Speedometer check / test
  • Simulate road load conditions

Business Benefits

  • Increase workshop productivity and profits
  • Save time simulating speed related faults
  • Increase your professional image
  • Improve your staff’s competence skills, and increase their job satisfaction
  • Increase customer satisfaction with more professional diagnostic and tuning facilities
  • Diagnose hard to find problems found during normal road testing
  • Test at higher than legal speed limits (< 250 kph) in the safety of your own workshop
  • Reduce the risk of on road accidents, or loss of driver’s licence
  • Increase customer base by attracting more new customers
  • Prove your tuning results, or component manufacturer’s claims
  • Promote your business products and services during dyno days

AWD1200P 3




Keep your options open….!

The AWD1200P Premium chassis dynamometer is expandable with a multitude of further hardware & software options, and more than 400+ supported third party devices. Many other Dyno manufacturers are offering systems in the similar price range but offer extraordinarily little regarding a future proof upgradeability, or further product development, which may eventually render their product obsolete.

Mainline DynoLog has pioneered development of advanced dynamometer technology and our product research and development is extremely active in improving current products and developing new hardware and software technology to ensure our products remain current with modern vehicle technology. We offer many options and accessories that are not even available from other manufacturers. 

The AWD1200P Premium chassis dynamometer is fully upgradeable. This system may be upgraded to include any of the following optional devices, sensor inputs or software components:

  • Additional AFR Meters (Up to 8 x Lambda inputs currently available)
  • Advanced Target Fuel / Boost correction analysis
  • Engine RPM inputs (Secondary or primary ignition / crank reference source)
  • Tacho Trim – control via logged engine RPM increments (Ideal for steady state engine mapping)
  • Engine Speed RPM vs KPH Ratio (Ideal for driveline torque loss evaluation)
  • Additional MAP/ Boost Sensor Inputs (Up to 6x MAP / Boost inputs)
  • Oil temperature (K Type Dipstick Thermocouple)
  • Engine Air inlet temperature (Used for tuning baseline reference – not for power correction)
  • Exhaust Gas or other temperature measurements (Up to16 x EGT inputs currently available)
  • Injector / Component duty cycle module (Duty %, Hz, Pulse Width, Max PW remaining)
  • 0 to 30V Analogue inputs (User definable – MATHS expressions – Derived CRD Fuel Pressure etc)
  • Common Rail Diesel derived fuel pressure measuring
  • Fuel and/or Oil Pressure Modules
  • Fuel pressure, twin channel fuel flow, fuel temperature, and fuel ethanol content module
  • Bluetooth OBD - II Data Logging ISO, SAE & CAN Protocols
  • Interfaced Digital Multimeters
  • Interfaced optical tacho (Supercharger belt/ pulley RPM slippage, tail shaft RPM / loss etc)
  • Interfaced Sound Pressure Meter (dB)
  • Interfaced Vibration meter
  • Automatic vehicle cooling fan control (Auto or Remote Manual Controlled)
  • Automatic dyno cell fan/s control (Auto or Remote Manual Controlled)
  • Automatic AFR heater control
  • MATHS channels (< 200 user definable channels currently available)
  • Dedicated Torque optimisation functions – (torque over ignition timing, MBT, AFR, EGT camshaft timing, injector timing, throttle % or user definable parameters) 
  • Exhaust gas analyser interface (30 + gas analyser models currently supported)
  • Diesel Opacity or particulates measurement
  • ECU Data Logging (MoTeC, Haltech, Autronic, Adaptronic, Vipec, EMS, Link etc…175 + ECU devices supported)
  • Hondata, Megasquirt, Racepak & MSD Power Grid integration.
  • Pressure Delta Tests (dedicated pressure drop testing, intercooler loss, exhaust backpressure tests etc)
  • Multiple channel data takers and much more!


Engine RPM Data Logging

This is possibly the most important addition to any Mainline Dyno and the data it can obtain is often underestimated. This hardware module utilises two different type of pickup probes (Voltage Probe or Inductive Clamp) to provide accurate direct engine speed measurements (RPM) from either a voltage probe or an inductive type probe.

The “Voltage Probe” is a wire clip / piercing type clip (3 to 500VDC) that can be connected to various engine trigger sources for engine speed measurement such as:

  1. Primary Coil Terminal (Coil Negative)
  2. Coil trigger wire (COP Ignition)
  3. Injector Trigger Wire
  4. Cam Angle Sensor
  5. Crank Angle Sensor
  6. Tacho Connector
  7. ECU (Injector, Coil Trigger, CAS, CKS, Tacho)

The “Inductive Clamp” as the name suggests, is clamped over a wire, and measures the magnetic “pulses”. This probe can be connected to various engine trigger sources for engine speed measurement as follows:

  1. Spark Plug Wires
  2. Primary Coil Wires (Positive or Negative Polarity)
  3. Coil Trigger or Power Supply
  4. Injector Trigger Wire
  5. Common Rail Diesel Injectors (Solenoid Type – Power or Trigger Wires)

Trigger sources will often have different firing frequencies, so the dynamometer software program provides “Tacho Pickup Pulses per Engine RPM to adjust and calibrate for various sources.

The operator can also select Custom Pulses / Rev”” for any unusual frequency sources, or for solenoid type common rail diesel injectors.

Tacho Setup

RPM Control Mode – Tacho Trim

The AWD1200P optional Engine Tachometer / RPM Data Logging Module allows the operator to manually set the desired Engine RPM point as required, and the vehicle will be held at that RPM regardless of throttle position.

The operator may control RPM set points in increments of 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 500 RPM steps. The Tacho Trim function makes the mapping of aftermarket programmable Engine Management Systems a breeze.

Just dial up your desired RPM and the dyno will do the rest. The operator can specify the tacho input source (Hardware Tacho, OBD-II, or ECU) and configure the system to allow for manual or automatic transmissions and specify the tacho speed steps and sensitivity. No more continually varying the Dyno Demand/ Road Speed as you progress through the various tuning MAP sites.

Just select your desired RPM and the dyno will do the rest!

Engine Speed RPM Vs Roller Speed RPM Ratio

Logging engine RPM data over vehicle road speed can also be an invaluable tool for diagnosis driveline problems, clutch slip, torque converter problems, and other torque transmission issues. Essentially the engine speed (RPM) data should appear as a “linear” plotted trace. This would indicate the driveline is functioning correctly whereas a non-linear plot or a sudden flare in the trace line would indicate loss of torque transmission. 

Our latest dyno software version has a new channel that graphs “Engine RPM to Vehicle Speed Ratio” which looks at the overall picture and can very quickly identify any loss in torque transmission from the flywheel through to the dyno rollers. The ratio should be generally constant, so as the engine RPM increases, the vehicle's wheels (or axle speed on our ProHub systems) should also increase proportionally.

 1200p rpm v roller

View RPM / Road Speed Ratio Graphs – Diagnose Vehicle Driveline Loss
(Detect Convertor Lockup/ Slip Trends, Clutch Pressure Plate Slip, Tyre Loss and much more)


Optional OBD-II Data Logging Module

The AWD1200P optional OBD -II Data Logging module is an enormously powerful tool for extracting data from the vehicle’s ECU and utilising this information for tuning or diagnostic purposes.

 1200p ODBII

1200p O2SensorOxygen Sensors Test – Switching Voltage Traces

Standard Twin Screens – Dual Screens / Monitors

  1200p DualMon

1200p DualMon2

1200p DualMon3


Fully Welded Heavy Duty Chassis Frame  Standard
Individual Chassis Bed Frame Length 2880mm / 113.3”
Individual Chassis Bed Frame Width 900mm / 35.4”
Finger Frame Assembly (Fully Extended - Above Ground Version) 2359mm x 2500mm / 92.9” x 98.4”
Finger Frame Assembly (Fully Extended – In Ground Version) 2359mm x 2880mm / 92.9” x 113.3”
Overall Dynamometer Length (Fully Extended) 4159mm / 163.7”
Overall Dynamometer Width 2900mm / 114.1”
Chassis Frame Height (Roller Height) 345mm / 13.5”
Chassis Frame Height (Retarder Cover Height) 455mm / 17.9”
Dynamometer Rollers 8 (4 x Knurled Drive Rollers / 4 x Idler Rollers)
Roller Diameter 218mm / 8.5”
Roller Track Minimum 400mm /15.7”
Roller Track Maximum 2300mm /86.6”
Wheelbase Minimum 2300mm / 90.5”
Wheelbase Maximum 3350mm / 131.8”
Eddy Current Retarders 2 X FRENELSA PAU’s
Maximum Axle Weight Capacity 2200Kg / 4850 lbs (Per Axle)
Torque Capacity / AWD Rating   3400Nm / 2507ftlbs (Roller Torque)
Torque Capacity / 2WD Rating   1700Nm / 1250ftlbs
Torque Resolution 0.01 Nm (0.01 ft-lb)
Power Capacity / AWD Rating 1790kw / 2400hp
Power Capacity / 2WD Rating 895kw / 1200hp
Power Resolution 0.01 kW (0.01 hp)
Recommended Floorspace Width (Minimum) 4000mm / 157.4”
Recommended Floorspace Length (Minimum) 9.5 Metres / 31.1 Ft
3.4 Metre Aluminium Vehicle Ramps (Above Ground Operation) Option
Traction Hoops (Increases Tyre to Roller Traction) Standard
Deluxe Cabinet with Twin Boom Arms Standard
Dynamometer Control Module AWD – 2WD – (RWD - FWD) Control System
Automatic Vehicle Cooling Fan Control Standard  
Automatic AFR / Lambda Meter Heater Control Standard
24" Twin Monitors (Extended Desktop Mode) Standard
Desktop PC, Win 10 OS (Solid State HDD) Standard
Wireless Trackball Remote Keyboard Controller Standard
Vehicle Cooling Fan (Various Models / Capacities) Option
Automatic vehicle cooling fan control (Auto or Remote Manual Controlled) Standard
Variable Speed Control (VSD) Control Cooling or Cell Fans Option
Vehicle Lift Frame (Recommended for above ground installations) Option
Dynamometer PID Controller / Data Acquisition Module 54 Ch PIDDAQ Module
Automatic Weather Station Standard
Wide Band Air: Fuel Ratio/ Lambda Meter Standard
MAP / Boost Module (7 BAR Pressure Sensors) 2
Pressure Delta Tests (Pressure Drop, Intercooler Loss, Exhaust Backpressure etc) Standard
Additional MAP / Boost Module (7 BAR Pressure Sensors) Option
Roller Speed Sensors Digital
Roller Speed Resolution 0.01
Force Sensors Precision Bi-directional S Beam Load Cell
Engine RPM Logging Module (Including Engine Inductive & Voltage Input Probes) Option
Fuel and/or Oil Pressure Module (150 Psi) Option
Fuel Flow Module – Twin Channel Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, Fuel Temperature, & Ethanol % Option
0 to 30 Volt Analogue inputs (Operator Configurable) Option
Interfaced optical tacho (Supercharger belt/ pulley RPM slippage, Tailshaft RPM / Loss) Option
2 Channel Thermocouple Module Option
8 Channel Thermocouple Module (CAN Interface) Option
Oil Temperature Dipstick Thermocouple Probe Option
Engine Air Inlet Temperature Thermocouple Probe Option
OBD – II Data Logging (SAE & CAN Protocols) Option
Single or Twin Channel Injector / Component duty cycle module Option
Interfaced & Wireless DMM (Multimeter)   Option
Interfaced Vibration meter Option
Interfaced Infrared Temperature Sensor Option
Interfaced 5 Gas Analyser Option
Dynamometer Software Package (PREMIUM) Premium AWD Software Package
Dynamometer Software Updates Lifetime Update Subscription (Original Purchaser)
MATHS Channels (User Definable) 200
ECU Data Logging Module Option
ECU Data Logging Module - Single ECU Brand Option
RACEPAK / MSD Power Grid Integration Option
Tech Support - Phone; Email; Internet Lifetime Subscription Included (Original Purchaser)
Manufacturer Warranty Period (Components Only) 24 Months
Warranty Exclusions Consumables
AFR Meter Extended Exhaust Probe 1
AFR Meter Exhaust Probe Restraint Strap 2
Vehicle Earth Strap 1
MDD Internal Vinyl Workshop Banner Standard
MDD Internal Workshop Sign Standard
MDD External Workshop Sign Standard
Voltage 380V to 415V
Phase 3
Frequency 50/60 Hz
International Voltages -  (USA, Canada, Middle East, Asia, Europe) Available